(Summer Tour Dates will be posted soon.)

Aug. 22 - Paradigm Theater, Hazeldean Hall, Edmonton, AB - 6:30

Jan. 5, 6 & 7 - Blues on Whyte

Edmonton, AB - 9:00

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Press Clippings:

(CD Review of "Moment In Time", SunCave Records - March 15/2017.)

“Another relatively unknown Canadian artist who has a great Indie/Americana vibe. I feel like he would give a great live show.”

- Kim Walter – Stanford's KZSU 90.1 FM - Aug. 9, 2017

"Kyler Schogen played soulful music for the crowds attending..."
- Ian Kucerak, Edmonton Sun (Oct 09, 2011)


"Kyler Schogen headlined the evening, (Springtime in Alberta Festival, Hayloft Acres). The band played an original set and captivated the crowd with thought provoking lyrics and hooky melodies from their new CD, "Pocket Fulla Nothin'". They rose above an evening chorus of mosquitoes and frogs to wow an appreciative audience. "

- Karen Pedlar, Smoky Lake Signal (May 25, 2011)

“Starlight Dreams is a well-composed collection of songs that will certainly take the listener on a journey as it fuses a bluesy approach with Spanish and Latin sounding melodies.”

- Alan Kausy, Smoky Lake Signal (Aug 26, 2015)

"(CD Review of "Pocket Fulla Nothin'", SunCave Records - May 1/2011.) Kyler Schogen hits a

sweet spot musically, that area just where rock, blues and folk converge. It is a place which

musically, is almost ideal, at least to my ears, a devout blues lover, who appreciates a good rock

song, and the lyrical strength of folk. It's a crossover locale others have visited, some making it their musical home. Schogen should certainly make it his residence since he is clearly at home in this neighbourhood. The end result is a pleasing CD, an effort worth lending an ear to, just maybe regularly."
- Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week (Jul 27, 2011)


"(Review of "Electric Life" - Kyler Schogen, SunCave Records. Released March 1/ 2009.) Schogen is actually a veteran blues man, having recorded several CDs since the mid-1990s with his own band. The music is that sort of good-timing blues which gets the toes tapping. The music has the sad side of life lyrics, but the music suggests tossing the negativity and having some fun. Schogen does a good job of offering up that take on things. A fun blues CD disk for a summer drive."               

- Calvin Daniels, Yorkton This Week (Sep 01, 2010)