Kyler Schogen – Guitar & Vocals, has a smooth style of his own, infused with fiery blues riffs served up soulfully.

He has played on over a thousand studio recordings and has worked with world class producers & musicians such as:

1996 - Tim Bogert from Vanilla Fudge, Cactus & Beck, Bogert & Appice,

1996 - 1997- Mae Mercer, vocalist with Willie Dixon, Memphis Slim & Sonny Boy Williamson 

1996 - Howard McCrary - keyboard player with Chaka Khan 

1993 - 1994 - Rami Jaffee from the Wallflowers

1992 - 1994 - Joey Philips - percussionist from Atlantic Star

1992 - 1993 - Steve Isham - keyboard player from Autograph

1992 - Jody Cortez - from Cristopher Cross

1988 - Brad Gillis & Kelly Keagy - from Night Ranger

1988 - John Thomas - from Sparks

1987 - Bob Margouleff - producer/engineer for Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder & Jeff Beck.


…Kyler has had endorsements with: B.C. Rich Guitars, Yamaha Guitars, Dean Markley Strings & Everly Strings.



Tom Carroll - Bass & Background Vocals,

Nova Scotia born Tom Carroll (AKA Winston Payne) began playing guitar at age ten.  

Well known in the Edmonton scene, Tom is a founding member of local Blues/R&B band Sophie & the Shufflehounds and has played with many other Edmonton bands including Deja Blue, Mr. Lucky and The Disturbers,  currently working on their second all original cd soon to be released.  

Tom first played in the Kyler Schogen Band in the early 2000's and contributed to Kyler's recording Plain & Simple in 2003.  

Tom reconnected with Kyler in spring 2019 and soon after was invited to return to the bass chair with the Kyler Schogen band. As well Tom became involved with other original projects being produced by SunCave Records including contributing the bass lines for the all original joe Ireland band, recording soon to be released.  
Tom has been described by many in the Edmonton music scene as a skilled and intuitive player with the gift of listening to everyone he shares the stage with. This ability, coupled with his strong desire to "serve the song" by playing what's needed, has served him well as he continues to strive to improve his contributions to each and every project he becomes involved with as he continues his life time musical journey. 



Mark Cummings – Drums & Background Vocals hails from
Pickering, Ontario and has been playing drums almost his whole life.

He’s also a music producer which brings an effective sensibility to his drumming.

                                                     it came to be...          

          Kyler, putting together the Kyler Schogen Band as a vehicle for his music, happened in 1996 in Los Angeles. Kyler soon relocated the band to Canada, rebuilding SunCave Studio on their acreage, located 130 km out of Edmonton, Alberta. They've recorded 6 Kyler Schogen albums and have just released the latest this March.

          Their fourth album, "Like Gypsies", entered at #36 on the national Roots & Blues chart and hit # 1 in Lethbridge, AB.

          "Look for the Kyler Schogen Band, on tour this summer".


          Listening to rock & pop as a youngster, Kyler embraced the blues soon after he started playing. While developing his style, rock and pop melodies kept creeping back into his blues playing and into the writing, giving his music a late sixties, early seventies feel and sound. ...combining the best of blues and pop/rock.

          Working in Los Angeles as a session player and bandleader during the latter half of the Eighties and most of the Nineties, Kyler had the opportunity to work with top notch musicians and producers.


          One of the most fascinating people from that era was Mae Mercer, who owned a blues club in Paris in the late sixties. She was also a singer/songwriter/actor who sang for Willie Dixon, Sonny Boy Williamson and Memphis Slim on their European dates during that time. Mae and Kyler worked together for a year or so in the late nineties, on what would be Mae's last recordings, enlisting producer Reginald DeWayne Brown and keyboard player Howard MacCrarry, (Chakka Kahn).


          Another was, Tim Bogart, who was one of Kyler's hero's growing up because he was the guy singing and playing bass on Beck - Bogart - Appice, one of Jeff Beck's masterpieces. One night, playing a roadhouse in Simi Valley, Kyler's bass player up and quit before the gig. The other guitar player in the band said, "I know a guy that lives just down the road. I can give him a call." He called, ...the guy was at the club a half hour later, turned out to be Tim Bogart. It was a memorable weekend and Kyler got a chance to play Superstition, one of Beck - Bogart - Appice's, première songs, (written by Stevie Wonder), with Tim.


          Starting out, the Kyler Schogen Band was mostly a blues band. After 20 years, while still being blues/rock based, the evolution of the music has brought more influences into the band, incorporating some Reggae, Latin and Jazz feels and melding everything quite organically.

          "The paths we take aren't always straight. Sometimes you have to meander for a while to get to where you're supposed to be," seems to be Kyler's philosophy in music and life.

KSB 2 _ SunCave 2019 sm

KSB 2 _ SunCave 2019 sm

KSB _ SunCave 2019 - sm

KSB _ SunCave 2019 - sm